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Our System and Our Environmental Action Plan List

 'Food production should never come at the
expense of human health'

Our system educates growers in sustainable farming practices.


  • Air, Soil and Water
  • Plant diversity
  • Naturally occuring insects and micro organisms
  • Native Flora and Fauna


  • Practices that do not harm the environment, and looks at activities to manage and minimise risks
  • Minimal use of chemicals
  • Adoption of an Integrated Pest Management IPM System
  • Use of biological controls, beneficial insects, natural predators, pheromones and other cultural practices in place of broad spectrum residually toxic pesticies
  • The use of mulching and ground cover (living mulch) to preserve moisture and enrich our soils
  • Monitored irrigation systems to only use the water required for the crops
  • Recycling or reuse of all materials where possible
  • The recognition of all native and protect species in our area and promote revegetation projects
  • Chemical sheds bunded

Our Environmental Action Plan List

  • Care for the land and soil
  • Reduce chemicals (not organic, but reduced chemical use through IPM). No broad spectrum residually toxic products used
  • Minimise fertilisers and increase organic soil additives
  • Preserve water and protect water quality
  • Increase biodiversity (On farm projects for native Flora and Fauna)
  • Reduce waste and recycle all bi products where possible
  • Clean air, less pesticides and exhaust pollutants
  • Minimise energy inputs
  • Conserve fuel and protect surrounds from spillage
Ongoing Commitment
  • Annual external audits from Freshcare
  • Annual internal review of environmental action plans
  • Ongoing improvement of growing protocols by P Costi & Sons and staff

Freshcare Environmental Certification

  • Industry owned Australian standard
  • Written by industry experts in conjunction with growers
  • Assurance that produce is grown and packed with care for the environment
  • Preventing environmental harm